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Bodomo, A & Che, D 2019, The Globalization of Foreign Investment in Africa: In Comes the Dragon. in U Rupert & R Anthony (Hrsg.), Reconfiguring Trans-Regionalism in the Global South – African Asian Encounters. Palgrave Macmillan.

Che, D & Bodomo, A 2018, A Constraint-Based Analysis of the Objects of VO Verbal Compounds in Mandarin Chinese. in M Butt & TH King (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the LFG’18 Conference. Stanford University CSLI Publications, S. 171-190.

Bodomo, A, Yu, S & Che, D 2017, Verb-Object Compounds and Idioms in Chinese. in R Mitkov (Hrsg.), Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology: EUROPHRAS 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) book series, Bd. 10596, Springer International Cham, S. 383-396.


Dewei Che (AutorIn)
17 Jul 201820 Jul 2018

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The 18th workshop on Cantonese: Cantonese Idiomatic Expressions

Dewei Che (VortragendeR)
21 Apr 2018

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The Workshop on Question and Disjunction

Dewei Che (Invited speaker)
1 Okt 20152 Okt 2015

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