Afrika Kolloquium mit Tinyiko Maluleke

24.04.2018 17:00

Accounting for the hope in Mandela

Standing in front of the Union Buildings in the bright Pretorian sunshine, Nelson Mandela, the newly elected President of South Africa, proclaimed to the world: “We have triumphed in the effort to implant hope in the breasts of the millions of our people.” History remembers Nelson Mandela as a herald of hope, and indeed as an exemplar of undying hope. But what did hope mean for Mandela?  And how did his hope survive, through years of bitter imprisonment?

Prof. Tinyiko Maluleke, who has come to our department in the context of the Erasmus Plus staff mobility programme, will give a public lecture on this topic. Do come and learn more about Mandela, the sources of his hope, and the complextity of his hope.

Tinyiko Maluleke teaches at the University of Pretoria and is an outspoken public theologian. He insists that his talk will not be a romanticization of Mandela, nor does he intend to “idealize or glamorize hope either.” Most of the time, Maluleke argues, Mandela’s hope “lived in the dark, damp and wet places of the soul; where survival, meaning and duty fought running battles.”




Institut für Afrikawissenschaften, SR3