Mag. Karlheinz Spitzl


Telephone: +43 1 4277 58014


Karlheinz Spitzl   *   teaches the Academic Writing & Presentation Skills courses in the Department's MA programme   *   en méthodologie? bricoler ...   ... ...—w/ art as a catalyst!   *   works as senior lecturer at the Centre for Translation Studies and loves to interpret   *   trains asylum hearing interpreters (UNHCR/Quada project) * is fond of thinking about language how we live it (gestalt?, power?, action?)   *   is a founding member of the linguistic-rights based PluS Research Group ('Plurilingual Speakers in Unilingual Contexts')   *   talks Aléman, Jugoслoвeнski, Ingìliishìì, Faransèkan, Kiswahili ...—well, sometimes   *   holds degrees in African Studies (w/ a mobility year at SOAS) and Transcultural Communication   *   has an (extensive but) unfinished PhD thesis on Language Analysis for the Determination of Origin (LADO) —"Linguistics as Gate-Keeping or Refuge by Shibboleth"—in the bottom drawer of his desk.


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