Resit exam before an examination committee

A resit examination before an examination committee is necessary as soon as an examination has been assessed negatively 3 times. The 4th examination is then taken before an examination committee with at least three members.

Submission of the application: StudyServiceStelle SIAMOS - only with ONLINE appointment on the respective departmental homepage of SPL-14 (Spitalgasse 2, Campus Court 1, Door 1.17)


  • The information on the form regarding date, place, examination committee and examination mode must already have been agreed with the people involved prior to submission to SIAMOS.
  • The examination senate consists of the head of the respective SPL-14 study programme and two teachers of the subject to be examined.
  • The date of the exam and the examination committee must be approved by the head of the study programme prior to submission to SIAMOS.

The form needs to be submitted to SIAMOS at latest 14 days before the examination date.

A confirmation will be sent to your u:account.

Registration for the resit examination before an examination committee

Form to print

If you fail the 4th resit of a STEOP module examination, the admission to the study expires with the examination date. A new admission to this study programme is possible at the earliest in the third semester following the expiration of the Admission.
If you fail the fourth examination in another subject (not STEOP), you will be immediately expelled from the respective study programme!