Information about African languages


Within the language familiy of the Nige-Congo languages, Fulfulde is, together with Serer and Wolof, part of the West Atlantic language group. Fulfulde is a language with noun classes, which means that its nouns are categorized in groups (classes). The 28 classes of Fulfulde differ morphologically and grammatically from each other.  The language has a highly developed concordance system.


Hausa is the most widespread language of the 140 Chadic languages, which are spoken west, south and east of Lake Chad. Like most African languages, Hausa is a tonal language, which means that syllables may have high, low or falling tone. In Hausa, vowel length may also convey lexical or grammatical meaning.



Swahili (Kiswahili) is a Bantu language and the most widespread lingua franca of East Africa. Like all Bantu languages, Swahili has noun classes, of which it provides fifteen: six for singular, five for plural, one for infinitives and three for locatives.