Extension Curricula (EC)

What are extension curricula?
In many Bachelor's degree programmes, the completion of extension curricula is prescribed, which means that students need to complete courses in other departments in addition to the compulsory modules of the respective study programme. Extension curricula serve to develop additional skills that may not be developed within the respective study programme.

Structure of extension curricula
Extension curricula (EC) comprise either 15 or 30 ECTS, depending on the respective EC. 
As the Bachelor's degree of African Studies comprises a total of 60 ECTS of extension curricula, you may choose up to four ECs. An extension curriculum, as its name implies, is a curriculum of its own and may consist of courses that build on each other. You can choose freely from the list of ECs of the University of Vienna.

Students of African Studies cannot choose the EC Colonial and Postcolonial Africa or African Languages and Literatures, as students are not allowed to choose an EC in their own department.

Please keep in mind that most ECs are taught in German (exceptions: e.g. World of English 1-3, Global Corporate Management; bilingual: Understanding China).

How to register for an EC?
Before you start an EC, you need to register for it on u:space. The registration is valid for the whole EC. You can only register for an EC, if you are enroled into a Bachelor's degree programme of the University of Vienna that prescribes the completion of an EC. If you want to edit your choice of ECs, you can do that on u:space as well. We recommend that you start your first EC(s) soon after the completion of the introductory and orientation period, but at latest before the beginning of your third semester.

How to complete an EC?
With the completion of the EC's courses, you have automatically completed the EC. The EC will be listed seperately in your degree certificate and your diploma supplement.

Alternative extensions

Alternative extensions offer students the possibility to choose courses that are not part of your study programme freely. 
Maximum: 15 ECTS
The module alternative extensions is treated like an extension curriculum. 

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