Overview of u:africa talks during winter semester 2023

23.01.2024 Kudawashe Chitofiri University of Oxford Looking for Masculinity in Colonial Sources: Male Health and Well-being in Harare, Zimbabwe Chair: Anais Angelo
16.01.2024 Rémi Tchokothe Universität Wien Book Presentation: “(S)he Came as a Cousin and Left as a Gendarme”. Balladur “Visa of Death”, Kwassa Kwassa and (Im)mobility in the Comoros Chair: Daniela Waldburger
12.12.2023 Thompson Kwarkye University of Oxford The Politics and Trends in Regulating Artificial Intelligence in Africa Chair: Kirsten Rüther
05.12.2023 Innocent Pikirayi University of Pretoria Water in Great Zimbabwe Chair: Kirsten Rüther
21.11.2023 Noura Salah Aldeen Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, ÖAW Black at the Intersection: African Palestinian Experiences under ʾiḥtilāl- the Case of Jerusalem (working title) Chair: Birgit Englert
14.11.2023 Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo Universidade de Coimbra Documenting ‘Civilised Savagery’ in Africa: Photography and the Internationalisation of (Portuguese) Colonialism Chair: Kirsten Rüther
07.11.2023 Olusegun Titus Obafemi Awolowo University Ife/ Universität Konstanz Musicking of Human and Natural Resources: Mobility, Migration and (Dis)Placement in the Niger Delta of Nigeria Chair: Kirsten Rüther
24.10.2023 Walter Sauer University of Vienna Buchpräsentation: “Jenseits von Soliman. Afrikanische Migration und Communitybuilding in Österreich – eine Geschichte“ Chair: Birgit Englert

Overview of u:africa talks during summer semester 2023

22.06.2023 Richard Murengerantwari Universität Wien Wenn Ethnizität kein Kapital mehr ist - Burundi 2000-2020 Chair: Martina Kopf/ Arno Sonderegger
15.06.2023 Linda Ammann/ Jamila Adeli Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Manifestions and communications of the "Chinese Dream" in new silk road regions Chair: tba
09.05.2023 Carli Coetzee Journal of African Cultural Studies Journal Work as Social Good, and the Ethical Labour of Editing Chair: Martina Kopf/ Arno Sonderegger
25.04.2023 Xavier Luffin Université Bruxelles Writing Arabic and Ajami Swahili in Congo: the Paradoxical Role of the Europeans Chair: Daniela Waldburger
18.04.2023 Clement Emeka Akpang Institute for Avanced Studies, CEU GLOBAL CAPITALISM AND AFRICA'S URBAN REALITIES: Found Object Aesthetics as Environmental, Social and Political Activism Chair: Martina Kopf/ Arno Sonderegger

Overview of Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2022

17.01.2023 Indiana Lods Université de Bourgogne Comparing American and South African literatures (through Afrofuturism): methodology and challenges. Chair: Daniela Waldburger/ Rémi Tchokothe
13.12.2022 Dobrota Pucherova Slovak Academy of Science/ University of Vienna Book Launch: "Feminism and Modernity in Anglophone African Women's Writing. A 21st-Century Global Context." Chair: Daniela Waldburger/ Rémi Tchokothe
06.12.2022 Marja Hinfelaar SAIPAR (Southern African Institute for Policy and Research) Lusaka, Sambia Research mobilities in the Covid-era: A Southern African Perspective Chair: Kirsten Rüther/ Daniela Atanasova (in cooperation with Forschungsplattform "Mobile Cultures and Societies" and doc.funds "Cultural Mobility Studies"
15.11.2022 Joe Abell University of Birmingham Ibedo tara me pacu-wu! (You are the beacons of your households!) Assertive submission among Northern Ugandan Women. Chair: Daniela Waldburger/ Rémi Tchokothe
08.11.2022 Veronica Barnsley, Eric Burton, Eve Nabulya, Martina Kopf, Betty Okot, James Wachira Universities of Sheffield, Innsbruck, Makerere, Wien, Bayreuth Launch of SI on “African Cultural Imaginaries and (Post-)Development Thought” with Journal of African Cultural Studies Chair: Martina Kopf
18.10.2022 Maroua El Naggare University of Bayreuth The Outsider Within: A Believing Muslim Feminist Reading of Modern North-African Cultural Productions. Chair: Daniela Waldburger/ Rémi Tchokothe

Overview of Colloquia on Africa during summer semester 2022 (work in progress - let's exchange!)

Donnerstag, 23.06.2022 Karlheinz Mörth, Nkosinathi Dlamini Universität Wien IsiZulu Teaching ǀ Learning Platform: Putting Digital Humanities to work
14.06.2022 Ras Kella und Dominik Frühwirth Universität Wien Zimbabwe in St. Lucia Heritage of African Descendants in the Caribbean Chair: Birgit Englert
31.05.2022 Bekele Gutema Addis Ababa University Indigenous African Political Philosophy: The Oromo Gadaa System Chair: Martina Kopf
10.05.2022 Nadine Okalanwa University of Vienna Of Identity and Belonging – The Use of Jamaican in Dancehall Music. A Case Study of the Language Usage of Gambian Artists in the Austrian Diaspora Chair: Birgit Englert
03.05.2022 Petra Weschenfelder University of Vienna Virtual objects in cultural heritage dialogue

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2021 (work in progress - let's exchange!)

18.01.2022 Birgit Englert Universität Wien Die „Mbembe-Debatte“ im Kontext - Verdrängte Solidaritäten zwischen afrikanischen und palästinensischen Akteuren
11.01.2022 Kirsten Rüther Universität Wien Dennis the Goat - ein unmenschlicher Mord an der dandy-haftesten Ziege in Umlazi 1992
14.12.2021 Anais Angelo Universität Wien Colonial landscape of detention sites in Africa
07.12.2021 Immanuel Harisch Universität Wien African Trade Unions and the International Labor Movement. Institutions, Networks and Mobility of the ‘Golden Age’, c. 1957–1968
30.11.2021 Bettina Mahlert Universität Innsbruck Decolonizing the Curriculum. Ein Kooperationsprojekt von Soziologie-Dozierenden aus Äthiopien, Nigeria und Österreich. Chair: Daniela Waldburger und Rémi Tchokothe
16.11.2021 Erwin Ebermann Universität Wien Körperteile und ihr metaphorischer Gebrauch in der Bambara-Sprache in Mali
09.11.2021 Nicolas Mabillard Universität Wien Senegalese childhoods in-between two worlds: very preliminary results and discussion

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during summer semester 2021

29.06.2021 Students of the department University of Vienna Colonial Language Knowledge Production Chair: Daniela Waldburger
15.06.2021 Flo Kasearu, Sara Bédard-Goulet, Manuel João Ramos Tallin, Tartu, Lisbon Reflections on the interplay between text and the visual: focus on sketching in travel writing Chair: Birgit Englert/ Sandra Vlasta
01.06.2021 Ronnie Kasrils, and others Solidarity in practice. Memories of international recruits on undercover missions in the fight against Apartheid Chair: Birgit Englert
13.04.2021 Aminata Cécile Mbaye University of Bayreuth Queer Aesthetic in Francophone Literary and Filmic Productions Chair: Rémi Tchokothe
25.03.2021 Lara-Stephanie Krause University of Leipzig Thinking Language (Classrooms) Differently: An Experiment Chair: Daniela Waldburger
18.03.2021 Rose Marie Beck University of Leipzig What if language is not universal? Chair: Daniela Waldburger

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2020

26.01.2021 James Maina Wachira University of Bayreuth Cruelty to Animals as Post-Independence Kenya's Conservation Concern in Ng'ang'a Mbugua's 'Terrorists of the Aberdare' Chair: Martina Kopf

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during summer semester 2020

postponed James Maina Wachira University of Bayreuth Chair: Martina Kopf
postponed Eunice Imasiku University of Zambia, Lusaka Chair: Kirsten Rüther
postponed Anais Angelo Universität Wien Book Launch
postponed Studierende der Afrikawissenschaften Universität Wien Diskussionsrunde zu "Afrikawissenschaften" Chair: Birgit Englert
postponed Giacomo Macola Sapienza Università di Roma Chair: Anais Angelo

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2019

29.01.2020 Ezgi Güner Universität Graz Reimagining Africa in AKP's Turkey Chair: Kirsten Rüther (together with the Department of Oriental Studies)
05.11.2019 Yazid Ben Hounet French National Center for Scientific Research Parenthood in North-Africa Chair: Petra Weschenfelder
22.10.2019 Felix Schürmann Forschungszentrum Gotha der Universität Erfurt Eine neue Arche für die alte Ordnung: Die Tierumsiedlungen aus dem Flutungsgebiet der Kariba-Talsperre (Zentralafrikanische Föderation), 1958–1963 Chair: Kirsten Rüther
15.10.2019 Paul Newman Indiana University Bloomington Academic Editing in African Studies: Doing it Right Chair: Georg Ziegelmeyer

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during summer semester 2019

18.06.2019 Tijo Salverda Universität Wien On Zambian ground: An analysis of an European agribusiness and its critics. Chair: Kirsten Rüther
04.06.2019 Rainer Voßen Universität Frankfurt am Main Genetische, areale und typologische Merkmale der Khoisansprachen Chair: Georg Ziegelmeyer
21.05.2019 Cynthia Eshun/ Akosua Adu-Poku University of Ghana 'It doesn't happen to good girls': An exploration of the experiences of image bases sexual abuse victims in Ghana/ In their own voices: Children's experiences of parental imprisonment in Ghana Chair: Adams Bodomo
07.05.2019 Shaban Mayanja Universität Paderborn Perspectives of Translation in (African) German Studies Chair: Martina Kopf
02.04.2019 Yoko Peace Mamle Tetteh/ James Dzisah University of Ghana Social Class Manifestations in Contemporary Religious Practices in Ghana / Media Narratives of Child Abuse in Ghana: the potential for poly victimization Chair: Adams Bodomo/ Kirsten Rüther
26.03.2019 Antje Daniel Internationale Entwicklung, Universität Wien Dekolonial und intersektional? Die Studierendenbewegung in Südafrika Chair: Birgit Englert
19.03.2019 Abdoulaye Sounaye Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin An Ethnography of Salafism in Niamey: Uniform, Order and Distinction Chair: Kirsten Rüther

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2018

22.01.2019 Esther Asenso-Agyemang University of Ghana Patterns of Social Interactions in Transnational Families in Ghana in the Context of Innovations in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) Chair: Adams Bodomo
22.01.2019 Victoria Owusu Ansah University of Ghana Segmental and Prosodic Structures in Esahie Chair: Adams Bodomo
11.12.2018 David Drengk Technische Universität Darmstadt Mehr als nur Importwaren: Eine transnationale Technikgeschichte von Schusswaffen in Westafrika Chair: Arno Sonderegger
04.12.2018 Leyla Tavernaro-Haidarian University of Johannesburg/UNO Building a Culture of Lawfulness: A Global Conversation Chair: Adams Bodomo
12.11.2018 Ahmad Shehu Bayero University Kano/University of Warsaw The conceptualization of "mouth" in Hausa and Fulfulde Chair: Georg Ziegelmeyer

Overview of the Colloquia on Africa during summer semester 2018

05.06.2018 Ana Nenadovic Freie Universität Berlin Between Silence and Enunciation. Representations of Sexual Violence against Women in Latin America and South Africa Chair: Martina Kopf
15.05.2018 Nadia Mosquera Muriel University of Sussex Festive Traditions and Gender Relations in Venezuela Chair: Hanna Stepanik
08.05.2018 Nicolas Mabillard University of Geneva An Inquiry into a Major Organization that translates Concepts of Working Children's Rights in Urban Senegal Chair: Gabriele Slezak
24.04.2018 Tinyiko Maluleke University of Pretoria Accounting for the Hope in Mandela Chair: Kirsten Rüther
20.03.2018 Wilfried Echterhoff Bergische Universität Wuppertal What Could Europeans Learn from the Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa? Ubuntu Compared to W.E.I.R.D Chair: Adams Bodomo
13.03.2018 Abdilatif Abdalla Kiswahili Poetry and Society Chair: Daniela Waldburger
06.03.2018 Anette Hoffmann 'Diese werden ins Schlachthaus geschickt.' Tonaufnahmen mit afrikanischen Kriegsgefangenen des Ersten Weltkriegs Chair: Kirsten Rüther

Overview of Colloquia on Africa during winter semester 2017

09.01.2018 Maxima Missodey University of Ghana Herbal Medicines: Commodities in the Pharmaceuticalization of Health in Ghana Chair: Adams Bodomo
09.01.2018 Selorn Adogla University of Ghana Wrongful Convictions in Ghana: An Assessment of Sociological Impacts and Prison Pathways of Exonerees Chair: Adams Bodomo
22.11.2017 Cati Coe Rutgers University Beyond Kin Care? Inscriptions on Aging in Southern Ghana Chair: Kirsten Rüther
21.11.2017 Claudia Böhme Universität Trier 'The Illusion of being a Free Spirit' - Die Bedeutung von Sozialen Medien für afrikanische MigrantInnen und Geflüchtete Chair: Birgit Englert
14.11.2017 Dan-Bright S. Dzorgbo University of Ghana Democratic Governance and Women's Participation in Ghana: A Critical Evaluation of the Progress Chair: Adams Bodomo
24.10.2017 Steve Tonah University of Ghana Pastoral Migration, Conflict and Insecurity in West Africa: The Example of Ghana Chair: Adams Bodomo
23.10.2017 Onookome Okome University of Alberta The Figure of the Mammiwata in Nollywood Chair: Adams Bodomo