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Willkommen! Akwaaba! A ni se! Karibuni! Welcome! Yaane! Yegsi leen! Maraba! Wushe kǝnshero!


We wish all students and teachers a relaxing summer holiday!



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Ö1 Radiokolleg mit Arno Sonderegger

Hinweis auf die Sendung "Österreichs Afrikabild: Chronik einer Beziehung (1)"


Kontaktperson StudienServiceStelle SIAMOS im August

Von 12.08. bis 30.08.2019 wenden sich Lehrende und Studierende der SPL-14 in studienspezifischen Angelegenheiten nicht an Frau Baumgartner, sondern an...


Lecturers' office hours in the summer

In July, August and September lecturers run NO consultation hours (unless stated otherwise). Please contact them by email.


Tenure-Track Professorship: Comparative Literature with a focus on African Literature

The University of Vienna is looking for candidates with a good range of publications about African language literatures (Afriphone Literature),...


Studierenden-Sozialerhebung 2019

Nehmen Sie an der Studierenden-Sozialerhebung 2019 teil und nutzen Sie die Chance an einer Verbesserung der Lebens- und Studienbedingungen von...

 African Studies

African Studies as an area study programme focuses on teaching and research of the history, language and literatures of African societies.

Students acquire fundamental knowledge about African societies and about their global interconnectedness through various periods of time. We emphasize the link between academic training and the implementation of acquired knowledge into fields of practice.

Academic degrees to be attained: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA) and doctorate (PhD).