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Non-EU Student Exchange-Programm

Am 01.11.2020 endet die Frist für die Bewerbungen des Non-EU Student Exchange-Programmes. Studierende, die sich für ein Austauschsemester an der Uni...


Wir freuen uns sehr, Rémi-Armand Tchokothe bei uns am Institut begrüßen zu dürfen!


Im ZLB Zentrum für Lehrer*innenbildung 1. Stock, Raum S1.59, Porzellangasse 4, 1090 Wien


Projekt Summer School 2021: “Spaces for Future: Processes of Rural and Urban Transformation in Southern Africa”

Die Volkswagenstiftung fördert in Höhe von 49.900 Euro das Projekt der Universität Giessen in Kooperation mit der Namibia University of Science and...


Call for Papers

The Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies at the University of Vienna is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for its conference "Entangled...


Rüther, Kirsten/ Barker-Ciganikova, Martina/ Waldburger, Daniela/ Bodenstein, Carl-Philipp (eds. 2020): The Politics of Housing in (Post-)Colonial...

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 African Studies

African Studies as an area study programme focuses on teaching and research of the history, language and literatures of African societies.

Students acquire fundamental knowledge about African societies and about their global interconnectedness through various periods of time. We emphasize the link between academic training and the implementation of acquired knowledge into fields of practice.

Academic degrees to be attained: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA) and doctorate (PhD).