Questions about the Bachelor's Degree African Studies


What can I discuss in consultation hours and where can I find the times?
Abbrevations and ABC of terminology
Coding in the study plan African Studies (BA)
I want to start study African Studies (BA). What do I have to do?
I start my studies in the winter semester - what can I do?
I start my studies in the summer semester - what can I do?
I'm in my second semester (SoSe) and completed the StEOP - what now?
I finished my first year – how does the "specialty" work?
How does the language teaching work?
What does the time specification 10.00-12.00 mean?
What are extension curricula (EC)?
What does "Alternative extensions" (AE) mean?
How and when do i register for courses?
How and when do I register for exams?
Due to an impairment I want to request exam adaptations/alternative modes of assessment. Where do I find further information?
I missed the De-/Registration period for an exam - what can I do?
Lecture exams?
What does continuous assessment of course work (pi-LV (prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltung)) mean?
I missed the registration period for a pi-LV (course with continuous assessment of course work) - what now?
I can't attend the pi-LV (course with continuous assessment of work) that I registered for. But the deregistration period is already over. Who can deregister me?
I would like to have exams from another course recegnized for my African Studies. How does that work?
My grade is in the wrong module - how can I assign it correctly?