Studies Service Unit of the Directorate of Studies 14

Study Service Unit (SSS) of the Directorate of Studies (SPL) 14

Ms. Doris Ruzic [on maternity leave 03/2023] 

Mr. Alexander Minnich [maternity leave replacement]
Responsible for: entry of grades, submission of records of examination for Bachelor's and Master's degrees, recognition, course directory,etc.

Tel.: 4277-45117

Study Service Center "SIAMOS"
University Campus
Spitalgasse 2, court 1, entry 1.17
1090 Vienna 

Consultation hours are available in individual cases by prior arrangement via e-mail.

Please keep in mind that any e-mail correspondence may only be maintained between u:net-addresses ( Enquiries made through other e-mail accounts may not be processed. 

Plan vom Universitätscampus Altes AKH, Markierung der StudienServiceStellen

Lageplan SIAMOS

Studies Service Center (SSC)

Studies Service Center of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies  (SSC)

1090 Wien, Spitalgasse 2, court 2