Recently Published Special Issue


I'd like to draw your attention to this recently published special issue on "African Cultural Imaginaries and (Post-)Development Thought" (ed. Martina Kopf), Journal of African Cultural Studies 34/4, 2022.

The issue brings together a group of scholars from the fields of literary studies, African studies, global history and social science at universities in Africa and Europe who examine diverse bodies of writing and oral culture mostly from East Africa – from Swahili utenzi and shairi poetry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Acholi proverbs and Luganda folktales to novels, novellas and short stories written in English – on questions of cultural ideals of progress, gender and land rights, conservation, neoliberal globalisation and health. The authors provide material, conceptual and methodological impulses for advancing African literatures as a field of knowledge in the theory and critique of development.