Department of African Studies: an introduction

Birgit Englert provides an interesting insight into the African Studies at the University of Vienna. She talks about the core areas of the Study Programme, about African languages and about job perspectives.

The student representatives Nadine Okalanwa and Lisa Tackie talk about why they decided to study African Studies and they explain their tasks as student representatives (STV).



Rémi A. Tchokothe presents his research activities and explains how his work is done. He shares his thoughts on basic questions, like why and how he does his research and what the work he's doing has got to do with reality out there.

Top news

21.09.2023 09:00

Workshop - Afrikaforschung in Österreich: Zugänge und Perspektiven

Zehn Jahre nach dem ersten Treffen zur Gründung des Netzwerkes zur Afrika-Forschung in Österreich (2013) laden wir Forscherinnen und Forscher, die...

23.06.2023 14:00

Wir möchten Sie sehr herzlich zum Habilitationskolloquium von Frau Mag. Dr. Martina Kopf für das Fach: „Afrikawissenschaften" einladen, welches am...

22.06.2023 17:15

Vortragende: Richard Murengerantwari, Universität Wien

15.06.2023 15:00

Speakers: Dr. Jamila Adeli & Dr. Linda Ammann,

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Ama Ata Aidoo

Wir trauern um Ama Ata Aidoo, Schriftstellerin, Theaterautorin, Dichterin und Aktivistin aus Ghana, die am 31. Mai 2023 in Accra gestorben ist.


A talk by Dennis Laumann, Department of History, University of Memphis, USA

 African Studies

African Studies as an area study programme focuses on teaching and research of the history, language and literatures of African societies.

Students acquire fundamental knowledge about African societies and about their global interconnectedness through various periods of time. We emphasize the link between academic training and the implementation of acquired knowledge into fields of practice.

Academic degrees to be attained: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA) and doctorate (PhD).