Übersicht der Afrika Kolloquien im WiSe 2018

15.01.2019 Linda Chisholm University of Johannesburg Chair: Kirsten Rüther
09.10.2018 Peace Mamle Tetteh und James Sefe Dzisah University of Ghana Chair: Kirsten Rüther und Adams Bodomo

Übersicht der Afrika Kolloquien im SoSe 2018

05.06.2018 Ana Nenadovic Freie Universität Berlin Between Silence and Enunciation. Representations of Sexual Violence against Women in Latin America and South Africa Chair: Martina Kopf
15.05.2018 Nadia Mosquera Muriel University of Sussex Festive Traditions and Gender Relations in Venezuela Chair: Hanna Stepanik
08.05.2018 Nicolas Mabillard University of Geneva An Inquiry into a Major Organization that translates Concepts of Working Children's Rights in Urban Senegal Chair: Gabriele Slezak
24.04.2018 Tinyiko Maluleke University of Pretoria Accounting for the Hope in Mandela Chair: Kirsten Rüther
20.03.2018 Wilfried Echterhoff Bergische Universität Wuppertal What Could Europeans Learn from the Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa? Ubuntu Compared to W.E.I.R.D Chair: Adams Bodomo
13.03.2018 Abdilatif Abdalla Kiswahili Poetry and Society Chair: Daniela Waldburger
06.03.2018 Anette Hoffmann 'Diese werden ins Schlachthaus geschickt.' Tonaufnahmen mit afrikanischen Kriegsgefangenen des Ersten Weltkriegs Chair: Kirsten Rüther

Übersicht der Afrika Kolloquien im WiSe 2017

09.01.2018 Maxima Missodey University of Ghana Herbal Medicines: Commodities in the Pharmaceuticalization of Health in Ghana Chair: Adams Bodomo
09.01.2018 Selorn Adogla University of Ghana Wrongful Convictions in Ghana: An Assessment of Sociological Impacts and Prison Pathways of Exonerees Chair: Adams Bodomo
22.11.2017 Cati Coe Rutgers University Beyond Kin Care? Inscriptions on Aging in Southern Ghana Chair: Kirsten Rüther
21.11.2017 Claudia Böhme Universität Trier 'The Illusion of being a Free Spirit' - Die Bedeutung von Sozialen Medien für afrikanische MigrantInnen und Geflüchtete / Chair: Birgit Englert
14.11.2017 Dan-Bright S. Dzorgbo University of Ghana Democratic Governance and Women's Participation in Ghana: A Critical Evaluation of the Progress Chair: Adams Bodomo
24.10.2017 Steve Tonah University of Ghana Pastoral Migration, Conflict and Insecurity in West Africa: The Example of Ghana Chair: Adams Bodomo
23.10.2017 Onookome Okome University of Alberta The Figure of the Mammiwata in Nollywood Chair: Adams Bodomo