Mag. Dr. Georg Ziegelmeyer


Telephone: +43 1 4277 43220


Senior Lecturer for African Linguistics and Lecturer for Hausa

From a geographical perspective, I am mainly interested in West Africa, i.e. languages ​​such as Hausa and other Chadic languages ​​(especially Bade), Kanuri and its related Saharan languages, as well as Atlantic languages ​​such as Fulfulde, Wolof and the Cangin languages. From a thematic point of view, I am particularly concerned with contact linguistics, language typology, as well as language description and documentation.

My research in recent years has focused in particular on various language contact situations in the wider Lake Chad region. Between 2002 and 2010 I worked on two FWF research projects that investigated the dynamics of linguistic change in north-eastern Nigeria. My Ph.D. Dissertation examines contact phenomena between the three languages of wider communication ​​Hausa, Fulfulde and Kanuri in the domain of ​​adverbial subordination. In the course of the projects I was also able to collect and process data on Bade (Gashua variety).



Last updated: 20.12.2021