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Conference: "African Philosophy in an Intercultural Perspective"

The Department of Philosophy is host of the 23rd Conference of the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS):

“African Philosophy in an Intercultural Perspective”

July 10 and 11, 2017
Department of Philosophy, Universitätsstraße 7, 3. Stock (NIG)

One of the main areas of teaching and research in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna is Intercultural Philosophy. The department is one of the very few worldwide holding a chair explicitly dedicated to “Philosophy in a Global World”. Therefore, the 23rd ISAPS Conference in 2017 will focus on the topic “African Philosophy in an Intercultural Perspective”.

We are expecting philosophers from different African countries, from Europe, and the US, focussing during the two days conference on issues such as:
Where are the connecting dots between philosophy in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Arabia, and Europe/Northern America – yesterday and today?
What are intercultural elements in African philosophy?
What is the potential of an intercultural approach to philosophy? What are the pitfalls?
Can an intercultural approach to philosophy in Africa succeed?
What are the demands of epistemic justice in philosophy?

All are welcome to attend.

For the conference programme and further information visit our website:

Dr. Anke Graness (University of Vienna)
Dr. Edwin Etieyibo (University of the Witwatersrand)
Dr. Thomas Hübel

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